Super 60's Sunday


Antique Additions


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Cool Kids at Cool Scoops        

Fox 29's, Nick Smith, Visits Cool Scoops

Sue Serio Gives Paul the Forecast


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Patches the Clown and Captain Kidd Elvis

The Russo Twins

Jerry Lewis and the Cool Scoops Gang at the
Taste of Wildwoods, 2005

Paul and Lori Russo receive the 2004 Doo Wop Event Award @ Cool Scoops


Joe Contino, Vince DeMentri, and Paul Russo

Don Cavone and Don Provolone at the Godfather's Prom


Fortune Teller and Wife at Cool Scoops Halloween Party

Cool Scoops' mascot 'Roxy Road' takes a well deserved break
after taste testing 33 new flavors of ice cream





Before and After

New Dining Room 2004



Cool Scoops


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