Super 60's Sunday


Antique Additions

Travel Channel Visits Cool Scoops

Samantha Brown and Chubby Checker film episode at Cool Scoops


Chubby Checker's Bus Outside of Cool Scoops


Chubby Watches the Crowds Line up from the Balcony

Chubby and Crowd Do the Twist


Chubby and the Fans

The Travel Channel Films


Samantha meets Chubby on Camera


Chubby teaches Samantha to twist on Camera


Cool Scoops Dancers and Chubby

Travel Channel films the Sundae creation

Chubby teaches the dancers some new moves

Chubby with Cool Scoops Staff

Chubby and Samantha Brown

Sam and Paul

Chubby and the Russo's


Chubby signs some autographs







Cool Scoops


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